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*Freddie is a young male rottie who was on the free ads as a pup at 13 weeks! When he was collected it was obvious something wasn’t quite right as his back legs were wonky and he had a strange walk and probably why he was not wanted. We raised funds with your help so get MRI scans done and these showed he had a vertebral malformation causing severe compression of the spinal cord! This is usually *seen in smaller breeds of dog. We then visited the Royal Vet School to discuss surgery and its costs. Initially we had been advised to wait until Freddie was more fully grown before surgery but when sadly his mobility got suddenly worse and we were then advised to get the surgery done a.s.a.p. We put out an appeal and an amazing person paid for his surgery.
Freddie is now having rehab with physio and hydro weekly and learning to use his back legs again. He is doing well and making good but slow progress which is normal with the level of spinal surgery.
We would like to thank everyone who has supported Freddie and those that donate for his on going rehab. We were recently able to purchase his walking wheels which stabilise and support him while walking and allow him to run and play with his friends :-)
Some may ask why we would spend so much money and time on one dog when perhaps that could help so many others? Well you would only need 5 mins with Freddie to know why because he is the sweetest boy who never moans or grumbles. He loves people and other dogs and is a special boy. He is now 14 months old.*