RottieAbout us & Re homing procedures 

The dogs that come to us come from varying backgrounds, some are private hand-ins that have come from a family home where circumstances have changed and the dog can no longer be kept e.g. marriage break ups, death and loss of home etc. We are able to assess these dogs prior to arriving and they usually have a full background history.

We also take dogs from various UK pounds. These dogs are unclaimed stray dogs with no previous history, so we take longer to assess and train them and look for suitable homes. We are not open to the public and meeting dogs is by appointment only after enquiry information below is taken.

So you want to re home a Rottweiler?

If you wish to adopt a dog from us, please be prepared to answer the following questions or have this information ready. We need to know as much as possible in order to match you with a suitable dog. There are also still a small minority of people who want a rottweiler for the wrong reasons as a status dog etc. Please don’t waste our time or yours if this is the case.

You can either email or telephone us to discuss this information and the dogs we have for adoption. If we feel we have a dog that is suitable for you a home visit will be arranged with one of our home checkers. The home checker is not coming to see if your house is spotless (we would be more worried if it was), the home checker is coming to ensure that you have a secure garden that the dog can use for a.m. and p.m. toileting. The size of the garden is of less interest as we would prefer you walk your dog regularly. They will also need to see some I.D. e.g. passport, driving license, utility bill to show you live at the property. If you are in rented accommodation we will need to see that you have written permission from your landlord to keep a dog at the property. The home checker is also coming to chat further about your level of experience and what you are looking for in a dog and meet the other members of your family. E.g. are you looking for an older dog that is less active, or an active dog that can go for long walks or do agility? They are a friendly bunch who all have had or do own Rottweiler’s and have good breed knowledge.

RottieIf you pass your home check you will be invited to come and meet dogs that may be suitable. If you have an existing dog they will need to come along for introductions to ensure both dogs get on. It may be necessary to visit several times to ensure the dogs know each other.

If all goes well and you decide to adopt, you will complete an adoption contract. A minimum donation of £150 is payable, which goes a little way towards the rescue vet, food, electricity and transport bills. This is not dog specific and is for the general work that Rottie Friends Rescue does and is not refundable.

If you are taking on your first Rottie, or a second dog, we sometimes advise a short term two week foster with a view to adoption period for which a contract is also signed.

If you have further questions about the work we do or adoption procedures please email or telephone us.

We occasionally take in Rottweiler’s that require a working home, and we have worked closely with two Police forces and several Security Companies to ensure these dogs go to suitable working placements. No less time is spent in checking that these placements are suitable for our dogs.

Do you have a dog you need re-homing?

We are a small rescue service and we will help if we have space. If we agree to take on your dog for re-homing we will need as much information as possible, and one of our volunteers will need to visit to assess your dog. If your dog is not vaccinated and has not been neutered we will require a donation to assist with this cost.

About the breed

You have either previously owned a rottweiler and have true understanding of this misjudged breed, or want to learn and own your first Rottweiler.

We have not listed info on the breed on our website as we want you to go and find out. Although there are many good books and websites that will tell you about the breed, we feel the best experience is practical and advise you either find someone local with a Rottie (we can probably put you in touch with someone in your area), visit your local Rescue Centre and volunteer, or if you are local, become a volunteer with us first.

Support and Training

We offer ongoing support and advice to all who adopt from us and only advocate the use of Positive Reinforcement based training methods. If you are not local and need help finding a suitable class in your area, we will assist with this.

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